Thursday, March 6, 2008

MacCallum Rips Eye on Albuquerque

Says Blogger Never Called Her

By Laura MacCallum

Your lack of corroboration with ME says a lot about YOU. You did not email me. You did not call me. Perhaps, if you had, you may have had a clearer picture of what actually transpired. I'm very disappointed in that you did exactly what Heath was accusing me of. You didn't corroborate your story. You just based it on what you'd read on the blogs. That is, the blogs YOU chose to read.

The facts are that three State Senators have been threatened by the White campaign. All have gone on record saying so. The A/G actually IS investigating these charges. You didn't mention it. Janice Arnold Jones' 20-year old daughter was called and threatened. Ah. You didn't mention it. There were "delegates" at the Convention who were paid. I now have a name. You wouldn't have known that since you didn't ask me.

I find it sad that you only regurgitated Heath's very unfair assessment. While he and I emailed a couples of times, he didn't even bother to speak to me by phone when a more substantive conversation could have taken place.

You don't even know me, yet you smeared me and my body of work without ever speaking to me personally. If you hold yourself out to be an expert and the "Eye on Albuquerque", I think you failed miserably and from my standpoint, miserably so. Your failure to get my side of the story doesn't lend much to your credibility. I was a daily reader of your blog. Now, I feel I can't trust anything you say. That's because I'm on your receiving end. It was unfair and inaccurate.

Keep in mind that I am not a public figure, so your accusations and implications are suspect.

Like I said to Heath. Shame on you.

Laura MacCallum

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Imisseditnews said...

Um, I'm confused by your headline... I don't think this is to Heath, as the third paragraph talks about what she said to Heath.

Was this to Eye on Albuquerque?

I'm confused.

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