Thursday, March 6, 2008

KKOB Radio’s Pat Frisch Delivers On-air Blowjob to Republican Party of New Mexico

Failed Talk Show Host Spends Four Hours Talking About the Story His News Director Killed

Bloggers Forced the Issue

Now That Bloggers Got it, it’s News

By Dennis Domrzalski

KKOB Radio Operations Manager Pat Frisch delivered on on-air blowjob today to the Republican Party of New Mexico.

The Failed Talk Show Host—he lost his morning show in December of 2006 and was replaced by Bob Clark—said he would talk about the allegations of vote buying at the Bernalillo County ward conventions two weeks ago. It was clear during the show’s first hour that Frisch is a groveling Republican apologist and that KOB Radio is in the pocket of the Republican Party.

Anyone expecting a real debate and analysis of the vote buying allegations was shockingly disappointed.

In the show’s first two segments Frisch, who comes from an inconsequential town in Illinois, sucked up to New Mexico Republican Party spokesman Scott Darnell. Frisch asked the flackster no hard questions and agreed with everything he said. You could almost hear the slurping sounds.

Darnell said that registration fees—$30 in Bernalillo County—were the norm and that it was okay for campaigns to pay for people to get in to the conventions.

That’s right. He said it was perfectly okay for campaigns to pay for people to show up to a convention and vote for delegates who will be on the party’s July primary ballot.

When Darnell said that no complaints about the controversy had been filed with the state Republican Party, it seemed that Frisch almost jumped out of his chair. Damn. How can there be a news story without any official complaints? “It’s not a story,” Frisch babbled into his microphone.

Then it got ugly. The Failed Talk Show Host screeched into his microphone that the vote buying allegations were “started by a bunch of liberals.” He didn’t stop there. No. The Failed Talk Show Host ranted, “Don’t believe the crap you read on the Internet because it ain’t right.”

He never mentioned that the story was broken right here in Albuquerque by this blog, and Laura MacCallum, who quit her job as KKOB’s drive-time anchor after KKOB News News Director Pat Allen pulled her stories because bloggers and other news outlets hadn’t picked it up. We’ll post Allen’s insane memo to MacCallum at the bottom of this piece. All of you bloggers, seize on this memo, because in it, Allen cedes control of the news initiative to you!

Then it got uglier. One of the first callers suggested that, rather than Frisch’s lapdog apologies to the Republican Party, the real issue was why KKOB killed MacCallum’s stories on the issue in the first place. The caller hung up and Frisch went goofy. He ridiculed the caller as a “chicken,” and then screeched, “Have some balls and stay on the phone line!”

Here’s the caller’s e-mail to me:

Well, don't know if you heard it, but I called in and tried to talk 
with Pat Frisch.  Then Frisch called me a liberal, then hung up on 
me.  I'm still laughing!!  Hey, I worked 1700 hours for Bush/Cheney 
in 2004.  And my friends say I'm a little right of Attila the Hun.
So, I called back and said the real problem is that the radio station 
that calls itself the biggest news source in the state spiked the 
investigative story about of the vote buying allegation.  Then I hung 
up.  Of course, Frisch then called me a coward for hanging up.  Well, 
actually he said that people should have the "balls" to stay on the 
line after making their statements.  Why???   So he can hang up on

Then it got even uglier. Former New Mexico Governor Dave Cargo, the guy, who, with his fearless complaints to MacCallum, actually broke the story, called in.

Poor insecure Frisch. He couldn’t let a 76-year-old guy—a former Republican governor who has accomplished more in one day that he will in a lifetime—talk. Every time Cargo spoke, Frisch yelled at him. It was a disgrace. All this pathetic loser could yell about was how Cargo had attended a Hillary Clinton function and had had his picture taken with former president Bill Clinton.

When Cargo tried to explain what had gone on, The Failed Talk Show Host, unwilling to even entertain a differing opinion, put him on hold—three times!

All the pathetic Frisch could say was that Republican Party officials were pissed that Cargo had had his picture taken with Bill.

Beware, all of you, for KKOB and Frisch are now the arbitrators of who you can associate with and who you can take a picture with.

And how about this: Frisch, who barely knows Cargo, and who knows nothing about his two terms as governor, said of one of New Mexico’s greatest heroes: “He always pandered to liberals instead of to Republicans.”

Frisch suggested that “liberal bloggers” don’t get things right.

Keep this in mind:

Conservative radio talk show host slime up the airwaves.

Here’s Pat Allen’s memo to Laura MacCallum:

“From: "Pat Allen" <>
Reply-To: <>
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 09:22:27 -0800


i pulled the cargo stories. i'm troubled by his motivation as he was not selected as a delegate. unless there is an official investigation of criminal wrongdoing related to these meetings then the story is going nowhere.
it's also a very inside politics story that i don't think has much importance to our listeners.

also, don't you think if there was anything to it the bloggers would have picked this up, let alone other news agencies?
this is the kind of story that has to be fully developed and verified before it can air.

pat allen news director 770 kkob radio,


Anonymous said...

Now Mr. Dennis D, let us all not forget that you were booted out of that failed TALK-FM station. Talk about news ethics, Now that was laughable...

Ron Domino said...

Dennis, there's another name to add to the list of websites covering a story that self-proclaimed "news leader" KKOB couldn't air. I've started to add to the coverage of the real issues of New Mexican politics.
This story helped me discover your page and I'm incredibly impressed. I'm glad to see Joe Monahan has some tough competition in the state and I look forward to following your coverage. Keep up your good work.

Anonymous said...

Dennis, I stopped listening to KKOB when Pat took over the morning show. I just could not stomach the NEO-CON propaganda any longer. I never thought I would, but I have completely stopped listing to KKOB. I 've gone back to listening to mindless music or nothing at all when I am in my car. Where have all the real news outlets gone?

The Voice said...

Anonymous poster #1 - the first commenter; You know what is laughable? Posting a snipe like yours under 'anonymous' - now that is lame. Go ahead and pitch your cowardly rocks. you are probably one of those chicken-hawks who couldn't fight your way out of a paper bag. What a panty waist you are.

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