Sunday, May 6, 2012

Vegetarians are Murderers

Mass Murder At The Dinner Table! How Smug Vegetarians Kill Trillions Of Living Things

As a life-long meat eater, I confess that I'm disgusted and shamed by eating habits that lead to the brutal deaths of so many of God's gentle, living things.

I am sickened by the fact that there are millions of people who don't care, and who even feel a moral superiority about the fact that their dietary practices sustain an industry of systematic mass murder.

I shudder to think that there is a growing culture of ghouls who happily eat babies, fetuses, sex organs, severed heads and mangled appendages, and who cause pain, disfigurement and death to a degree that would shock even a sicko like Adolph Hitler.

They are a culture of smug, arrogant murderers who portray their agenda of wholesale slaughter as the epitome of virtue.

These murderers are vegetarians.

Every year, billions of living plants are killed, disfigured, abused, beheaded, pillaged of offspring and otherwise brutalized in order to satisfy vegetarians' cravings for roughage and a lifestyle that makes them feel superior to others.

It's true . Anyone with the slightest understanding of agriculture knows that many plants are killed when harvested. Others have their fruits, which contain potential offspring, hideously ripped off their bodies.

But you'll never hear about this from vegetarians. All you get from them is self-righteous blather about how they can't eat meat because their overburdened consciences won't let them participate in a ritual that leads to the death of animals.

Veggies constantly try to make meat eaters feel guilty about killing cattle. Apparently though, their consciences don't throb over the murder of plants.

That's because the carrot-heads are the stupidest, most arrogant and hypocritical phonies ever. They're too dumb to understand that plants suffer and are killed in order to feed them.

So let's go through it, rutabaga killers.

Enjoying that salad? If it's made with iceberg, romaine, escarole or even succulent bibb lettuce, you're eating the beheaded portion of the plant. The legacy of your passion for leaves? Vast killing fields littered with the remains of millions of stumped, headless, formerly living things.

When a lettuce head is chopped off, a white, milk-like liquid seeps from the severed head and the plant stem. Call it plant juice, or whatever. It's plant blood. And that brown stump on the bottom of the lettuce head is the slice wound scabbed over.

Other plants that are decapitated en masse so veggies can scold others: cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and celery. Cabbage and broccoli will live after their heads are chopped off. But they will sprout lots of tiny, new heads, making them look like mutated freaks.

Studies have proved that tomato plants scream when their scarlet fruits are ripped from their bodies. I've never heard a nasal-voiced veggie deplore such abuse. Ripe tomatoes contain scores of mature seeds. A plant seed is a self-contained plant fetus. Give it some water, sun and warm air and it'll grow. Billions of plant fetuses are gobbled daily by veggies in an unprecedented massacre of innocents.

Many vegetables are immature when torn from plants. They are, in effect, babies or children. Many simply wouldn't taste good if allowed to ripen or grow to adults. That makes veggies baby and child eaters. The carnage is appalling!

How about the cherished carrot that so many of today's self-righteous murderers chew on? They're ripped out of the ground while alive, and basically eaten alive. Others that suffer a similar fate: radishes, potatoes, turnips, parsnips, beets and green onions.

Consider the prized asparagus. These firm shafts are sliced off of the plants with sharp blades. But if left to grow, they would produce a feather-like plant with thousands of seeds. The shafts contain sex organs.

How many stalks of wheat give their lives for a loaf of whole-grain bread?

Next time a vegetarian nags you with a tirade about being a killer for eating meat, reply that they're the greatest mass murderers ever. And tell them on other thing:

That Adolph is smiling up at them.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lying on Resumes

Most people are forced to lie on their resumes

Yahoo’s CEO Scott Thompson is being hounded for lying on his resume and saying he had a degree in computer science when he didn’t. One of Yahoo’s largest shareholders wants the guy fired by noon on Monday for the lie.

My reaction is, so he lied on his resume?. Big deal. Who doesn’t?

Truth is, in this insanely credential crazed society, people feel forced to lie about their experience and credentials. And especially now, when computers, and not human beings, are reviewing resumes. Put the wrong qualification down, or fail to mention one that the computer is programmed to flag, and you’ll never get an interview.

At least when humans looked at these things they could get a feel for the person behind the words on the paper. No more.

And, as employers demand super-human employees who can do everything, job seekers are inflating their skills and experience to meet those idiotic expectations.

So, if you even once helped a co-worker learn a new skill, even if it was just for a day, you are now a “mentor who trained colleagues to master new skills critical to the company’s core mission.”

It’s as big a lie as saying you have a degree when you don’t. But it sounds good, and recruiters and interviewers love it. No, they demand it. Try shrugging in an interview and saying, “Yeah, I took a couple hours one day and showed Ed how to use Excel. It was no big deal after he got used to it.”

They’ll throw you out the door for failing to be a mentor.

I’ve seen resumes loaded with examples of “community service,” and boards and commissions people are on, which some bosses love. Problem is, most of that stuff is fraudulent as well. If some of these people actually participated in all those organizations and boards, they’d never have time to actually do their jobs or care for their families. They join the boards just to pad their resumes. They don’t actually do the stuff.

But imagine if you were asked in an interview about your record of community service and answered:

“I don’t have one. I work 50 hours a week, got a family, and when I’m off I’m dead tired and I like to spend it with them. And, when I’m off I like to relax, pop a few beers and watch war movies.”

You’d never get the job.

And when it comes to college degrees, in many instances nothing could be more useless, especially if you’ve been doing your job for more than 20 years. If you’ve been in the workforce that long, most of the stuff you learned in college is obsolete. If you’ve been working that long, you’ve learned more on the job, including new technologies and skills, than you ever did or could in school.

So why do they keep asking for obsolete degrees?

Some people, especially older workers, don’t have college degrees, but they have enormous skills, experience and instinct that college can’t and never could teach. If they’re honest on their resume and say they didn’t finish college, they’ll never get past the computer and called for an interview.

If they do lie and the lie is discovered, the self-righteous interviewer (who has most likely loaded up his or her resume with massive exaggerations) will become indignant.

It’s good that the late Steve Jobs started his own company. His resume would never make it past the computer because the founder of Apple never finished college.

There’s got to be a better and more honest way to hire people. The standard should be whether they can actually do the job, not what degrees they do or don’t have.

Until we find that better way, most everyone in the workforce will continue to lie.

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