Thursday, March 6, 2008

Crybaby Heath

Would-be Giant of Journalism Whines About Getting Beat on Republican Vote-buying Story

Hurting Heath Saw No Story

In an extraordinary piece of "I got beat on a story" whining, Las Cruces blogger Heath Haussamen dumps on me for my piece on Republican vote buying and Laura MacCallum's resignation from KKOB radio. The beaten and unhappy blogger uses every classic excuse that reporters trot out when they've been badly beaten. Poor Heath bemoans the fact that the vote-buying story has gone national--dozens of blogs have picked it up--and insists that it isn't a story because there was no official investigation into the allegations. With that logic, you can be sure that Heath will soon be working for KKOB. Here's a sample of Heath's whining:

For days, rumors have been spreading across the Internet about an alleged vote-buying scheme at the recent Bernalillo County GOP convention. I’ve been asked repeatedly why I haven’t written about the allegations.

The answer: I haven’t found a story worth writing about.

Pissed and embarrassed that he didn't see the story in front of his face, the humorless Heath dumps on me for having fun on the blog:

Some of the liberal bloggers who have written about this have referred to Domrzalski as a reputable, 27-year journalist in spreading his article across the Internet. But his blog includes a posting headlined “What Naked Men Shouldn’t do in the Locker Room” and two online polls that ask, “Should naked men blow dry their crotches in health club locker rooms?” and “Would you refuse to fondle an implanted female breast?”

This is not a reputable journalistic site.

LP at New Mexico FBIHOP asked me for a response. Here it is. Use it as you wish.

My initial reaction was, who is Heath Haussamen, and why should I care what he thinks? Then I read his whiny, crybaby piece.

He hasn't found a story worth writing about because he's an idiot. Tell him to go back to that giant of journalism from whence he came, the Las Cruces Sun-News. Maybe he'll find a story there. Would-be reporters always react violently when a story right in front of their eyes is reported by someone else.

I'm trying to be impressed with Heath's massive seven years as a reporter. Maybe when he gets to seven-and-a-half years, I'll think of him as the god of journalism that he sees himself to be.

I didn't realize that the requirement for publishing stories was that there be an official investigation. I guess Heath learned that in his seven years of reporting.

The stories stand. The quotes are accurate. Heather Wilson's spokeswoman Whitney Cheshire flatly refused to answer questions about whether they paid people to show up and vote at the conventions.

Dave Cargo is a New Mexico hero. He's battled corruption here since he arrived in ... maybe Heath knows the year. Quick Heath, answer it without Googling Cargo.

You would also think that this journalistic giant would get his facts straight. He refers to me as "a reporter for KOB TV in Albuquerque." I don't work for KOB, never have, and am not a reporter for them. Heath should fire himself for such a huge mistake.

In regards to polls about blow-drying crotches and fondling implanted female breasts:

In all my 28 years of reporting, I never realized that one of the job requirements was to lack of a sense of humor and to be unable to take a joke or to make one. I have never blow-dried my pubics with a communal hair dryer in a health club locker room, and I never will. I will, however, gladly and aggressively fondle implanted female breasts.

Heath might someday be the journalistic giant he sees himself as. Right now he's a midget.

He should get used to it.

Dennis Domrzalski

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Anonymous said...

Gotta say Dennis, this post sounds much more crybaby than anything on Heath's site. I also hate to tell you that I have been reading Heath's blog for over a year, because he does a quality job, and covers the state extensively even though he is based in Las Cruces. I had NEVER heard of your blog, though, before this story.

You and Laura tout yourselves as bastions of journalism, but your original posting on this story makes one important point that refutes your argument. Laura never once called the Wilson or White campaigns to get their response to Governor Cargo's accusations. You took the effort to call Wilson's camp. I will give you credit for that. That's basic journalism. But, even in that first posting, you never bothered to call the White camp, did you?

Let's not start throwing stones, here.

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