Sunday, March 9, 2008

Republican Rancor

Republican Rancor

Dave Cargo and Pat Rogers Clash

Former New Mexico Governor Dave Cargo and Republican attorney Pat Rogers clash over vote-buying allegations at the recent Bernalillo County GOP pre-primary conventions. Watch it on Eye on New Mexico. Dennis Domrzalski co-hosts with Nicole Brady.

Rogers, as Republican operatives have been doing all week, tried to tar Cargo as a disloyal Republican for being seen with Hillary Clinton. "At least part of his time has been spent with Hillary Clinton," Rogers said in trying to explain why some Republicans don't like Cargo and why the former Republican governor was not elected as a delegate to the GOP's statewide convention on March 15.

Toward the show's end, Rogers made the remarkable allegation that Cargo, who first came to New Mexico in 1956, has made campaign contributions only to Democrats!

Republicans, Rogers said, "might not be supportive of a Republican who has only donated to Democratic candidates, including (indicted former New Mexico Treasurer) Robert Vigil and not to any Republican."

Cargo didn't take it. "Oh, that's a lie," he shot back. Citing his right to associate with whomever he wants, Cargo blasted Rogers for trying to portray him as a Clinton supporter.

"For you to say that I think is despicable," Cargo said.

Eye on New Mexico, March 9, 2008 -- Part 1

Dennis and Nicole discuss controversy in Republican ranks with former New Mexico Governor Dave Cargo and GOP attorney Pat Rogers. To watch the discussion, click on the video player on the right. To see part two, click here.


The Voice said...


I just watched the program. WOW!

Dave held his own against the lawyer. Atta boy Dave.

You were spot on to stop the specious allegations aimed at impugning former Governor Cargo's integrity. I feel bad for the ex-governor because he genuinely seemed to be speaking as a voice of conscience and the reward he received was to be scorched with the brand of a 'traitor' by the party he has devoted his life to. Such is the Rovian legacy: Republicans eat not only their young but their old as well.

You did ask a poignant question about the implications tied to the fees, what the entire Republican get-together was about and what potential implications are tied to the process. Your question clarified why there might even be a controversy at all.

Cargo’s point is valid in that fee requirements are cost-prohibitive for poor people. Moreover, they are exclusionary and tend to favor the 'haves' who can afford to pay in order to register their voice. Of course, it also opens the door for slick lawyers to figure out how to select their candidate because they can buy the votes simply by paying the entry fees en masse.

While am glad Cargo had the opportunity to b*tch slap the sleazy attorney (who graciously decided to parrot the party line – never mind the reality that he has acted as legal counsel to Bush, Heather and the NM Republican party) with the last word. Dave finished strong and made it clear that in New Mexico, Republicans have always had to reach across party lines in order to get things done.

As for the Lou Melvin;
Her refusal to talk with you and the intervening conversation by Friedman speaks volumes about the Republicans ridiculous attempt to contain this story as they circle the wagons and work out their inane strategy;
1) co-opt unethical journalists-bloggers to bemoan lack of journalistic integrity while relying on biased sources (Like Haussmen's former blogger and not Heather Wilson's spokesman, the Cheshire cat.
2) send out mercenaries like Paddie Rogers to engage in character assassination – apparently these dopes fail to realize that people other than faithful Republican drones are watching your show as well. In my opinion, they came off looking bad as they tried to smear the ex-Governor.

Characterizations by Republican smear artists who describe him as the old, annoying 'Uncle Dave' persona have blown up in their faces. In light of his repartee, the label just gives him more traction because it reveals his uncompromising character, tempered by age and wisdom. Despite the fact that he is old, Governor Cargo clearly has it going on upstairs. He remains in possession of his faculties enough to square off with the bung-hole who showed up with the task of to slitting the Governor’s political throat on TV.

The old man has character traits rarely associated with the Republicans these days; conscience and cojones.

I only wish the program was longer because he only got stronger as the dialogue unfolded.

Kudos to you all!


Anonymous said...

What a load of crap from Rove wannabe Rogers. Once gain the ethically challenged attempt to smear a person with the integrity and audacity to speak out against sleazy politics. Thank you Govenor Cargo for putting this questionable activity in the public eye and thank you Dennis and Nicole for your reporting and keeping it there.

Anonymous said...


Cargo's a little difficult to understand, but I thought I heard him say that the people who were paid by the hour to be there were for Steve Pearce. Have you questioned the Pearce campaign about this? If not, why not?

Anonymous said...

Excellent Show Dennis... very enlightening particulary as to the differences between today's Rebublican (as Represented by that Lawyer and Heather Wilson's campaign staffer's) and yesterday's Republican as represented by Dave Cargo. Its not our parents party anymore is it.... sigh.

Alex Marentes said...

Nice pieces of information on the issue at hand. Yet, after watching the TV show and listening to the talk show a couple of weeks ago, I found it disturbing to see the character of former Governor Dave Cargo being assassinated as if he was some rabid bum in an alley. I have never seen such vicious attack waged on a noble man who is so much part of the history of New Mexico.

I have always had tremendous respect for the governor and was one reason the APOA endorsed him when he ran for Mayor of Albuquerque. We saw in him nothing short of loyalty to order and justice, we also saw in him a commodity almost rare in political affairs called integrity and most of all we saw a sense of compassion for the working class, he truly is an asset to New Mexico.

Keep your head up Dave!

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