Monday, March 10, 2008

Pat Rogers Retraction

GOP Attorney Retracts Allegations That Dave Cargo Gave Only to Democrats

Republican Attorney Pat Rogers called this afternoon (about 4:45) to say that one of his comments on the Eye on New Mexico program regarding former New Mexico Governor Dave Cargo was inaccurate.

During the show, which aired at 10 a.m. Sunday on KOB-TV, Channel 4, Rogers accused Cargo, a Republican, of having made campaign contributions only to Democratic candidates. Republicans, Rogers said, "might not be supportive of a Republican who has only donated to Democratic candidates, including (indicted former State Treasurer) Robert Vigil."

Today, Rogers retracted that allegation. "That part of what I said was inaccurate," he said.

Rogers said that statement was based on records from the New Mexico Secretary of State's Office. The statement was, apparently based on one report. Type "David Cargo" on the site and five reports pop up. They show that, since 2004, Cargo has made 10 contributions totaling $605 to the Bernalillo County Republican Party, and one, $100 contribution to Demesia Padilla, a Republican who ran for the state Treasurer's Office in 2006.

The reports show that Cargo donated to three Democrats during that time. He gave $50 in 2006 to Harold Mark Garcia, a candidate for the county assessor's seat in San Miguel County; $100 in 2005 to Richard Vigil, a candidate for state representative from District 70; and $100 in 2005 to Robert Vigil.


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Anonymous said...

Shame on you Pat Rogers! Shame! You're no St. Patrick here. . .snakes can't drive out snakes.

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