Saturday, February 16, 2008

Buffoon Found!

New Mexico's Brian Colon; First Class Fool

No parent wants their kids to grow up to be buffoons. But sometimes we need such goofs to show us how not to act. Brian Colon, chairman of the State Democratic Party of New Mexico, is one such buffoon.

He and his party botched the Feb. 5 Democratic caucus in New Mexico. The caucus was plagued by long lines, hours-long-waits to vote, too few polling places, and general all-around incompetence. The vote counting dragged on into the night, the next day, the next day, the next day, the next day, and, well, the final totals weren't ready until February 14, nine days after the voting took place. And how many voters caused this mass confusion? A mere 149,779.

To make the embarrassment total and complete, Colon decided to do a stand up comedy act when he announced the final totals on Thursday. Wearing sunglasses indoors, Colon rambled on for 10 minutes before revealing the winner. Watch his performance here.

His idiotic performance was a disgrace. Instead of immediately giving the vote totals, which would have taken all of 30 seconds, he rambled on for 10 minutes about how much stress he had been under and what a great job the party's volunteers did in counting the votes. And when it actually came time to announce those totals, Colon tried to be coy and delay it even further by acting like he was announcing an Emmy award or something. Colon topped one disgrace with another.

Watch Colon and cringe. Watch him and learn. Learn how a fool acts. And resolve to never act this way yourself. Mothers, show this to your children so they can learn.

And from this day on, define "Buffon" with these words: Brian Colon of New Mexico.

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Raven said...

Thanks for sharing this. I didn't catch it on the news. This guy has absolutely no idea that the voting was a disaster. And, he thinks he's a comedian. It's disgraceful. I agree with your assessment. He's a buffoon.

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