Sunday, January 27, 2008

Kick the Clinton's When They're Down

Clintons Get Sleazier as Their Entitlement Slips Away

Voters Can Make Sure They Don't Get Back Up

America's First Couple of Sleaze got what they deserved in South Carolina on Saturday: A humiliating, 28 percentage-point trashing and rebuke from voters who are sick of their slimy ways.

Democrats--white and black, young and old and male and female--finally shouted that they had had it with the
Clinton's abusive behavior and sense that they're entitled to the presidency. Hillary cried in New Hampshire only because she thought she was going to lose. It was disgusting--like watching a kid throw a temper tantrum or crying fit. These two power-mad freaks tried their best to destroy Obama in South Carolina. They injected race into the campaign in their typically sleazy way. They offered innuendo to their lapdogs in the news media--fools who refuse to see through the Clintons because they're trying to effect the outcome of the election--who took the innuendo to Obama's aids. When the aids responded to the media's questions about race, the Clinton's accused them of bringing race into the campaign. It's pure sleaze.

Have no doubt: The Clintons are manipulative, power-mad freaks who will do and say anything--and who will try to destroy anyone, even a black presidential candidate--to get their way and preserve their power.

South Carolina was a break-through win for Obama, and a staggering defeat for the Clintons. Democrats, particularly black votes, said they had had enough and they weren't taking it any more. They finally saw through these sleazes. Now it's up to voters in the Super Tuesday states to make sure the Clintons don't get back up.

Please, all of you Democratic voters, do the nation a favor: Kick the
Clintons when they're down. Drive a stake through their hearts. Don't let 'em get back up. Vote for Barack Obama.

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